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What is Coaching?
Coaching is about helping people discover who they really are, what they really want in life and how they can go about achieving it in the most authentic and personal way. . 
“Coaching expands your awareness of who you really are and what you deeply desire & value so you can make more intentional and confident choices that bring you the most personal satisfaction.”

Over time coaching will help you  experience major shifts in perspective or mindset – you may know these as ‘breakthroughs’ . Each breakthrough can remove or replace a way of thinking or being that was limiting your potential for happiness (limiting thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns).
Breakthroughs have the potential to unlock and reveal new choices and possibilities you never considered before. Over time you will  learn to make more effective decisions in your life  (both big and small) by trusting yourself and taking the actions or steps that bring you closer to your desires and doing them in ways that bring the most fulfillment in the present.

I believe that you are the expert in your life, and I am the expert in the process of helping you achieve whatever you desire. A coach doesn’t need to be an expert in your field of business to help you with your business – I don’t need to have the same experiences as you to be able to help you – that would be more of a mentor or a consultant.

Instead of becoming dependent on someone outside yourself for answers, you grow more confident and certain that you have the answers you need inside you and that you can create new ways of achieving what you want.

Coaching wouldn’t work, and you wouldn’t be able to have such powerful and deep conversations if there wasn’t the essential component of trust between client and coach. We will go to the core and talk about real human emotions, both positive and negative, a place some people find hard to go to at first. When you trust your coach, when you believe that they can help you, and you feel safe with them, amazing things begin to happen in your life.

Coaching conversations are completely confidential and give you a safe place to share what’s on your mind and in your heart. Something most people rarely get to experience in their lives – someone who’s actively listening to them without judgment and who only has their best interest at heart.

Types of Coaching offered:
Leadership coaching – helping professionals develop as strong leaders.
Team coaching – helping teams become more aligned and productive.
Business coaching – helping managers or business owners set and achieve organisational goals.
Career coaching – helping individuals change jobs and develop careers.
Executive coaching – helping senior leaders set and achieve success for themselves and their organisation.
Tomorrow’s Leaders which exposes teenagers to the mental toolbox needed to become empowered and self-aware leaders that lead productive, meaningful and joyous lives.
Visioning and Goal Setting which helps you visualize your true desires and explores the ways to set goals designed for success.
Finding Balance which explores how to find that elusive balance, the one which helps you lead a more fulfilling and joyful existence.