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Can Therapy Help Me or My Child?
  There are many factors that affect our happiness and overall satisfaction in life.  Throughout our lifetime we encounter many ups and downs that can negatively impact our emotions and experiences.  Having a supportiveconfidential environment to explore and grow is vital to emotional stability and growth.
    Therapy provides a safe, validating relationship in which to gain insight, develop strengths, and improve coping skills that are needed to manage difficult life events, emotions and relationships.
   People seeking to enter therapy need to feel heard and understood. Finding a therapist to connect with can be a trying process.  I  provide personalized counseling to individuals,
couples and families to help improve parent-child relationships, resolve relational conflicts, and relieve stress, anxiety and depression.  We help children, adolescents, adults and families to cope with life-changing circumstances, to resolve personal issues and concerns, and to find alternative ways to manage and enrich their relationships.
Our goal at Life Coaching and Counselling South Africa is to help you overcome challenges with greater ease and confidence so that you can get the most out of life.
 Whatever your personal struggle - I am available for you.